Interview with a Bagel Lover in Bologna

bagels dailyhomeade

bagels: photo by dailyhomeade

Good Morning! A sunny crisp September day in Bologna (yawn, stretch…)

Christine: “What should we eat for breakfast?”

Odette: “Hmmm. A fresh delicious bagel, soft on the inside with a slightly crispy crust…too bad we don’t live in the States anymore where we can get bagels of all kinds 24/7.”

Christine: “Actually I made bagels just last weekend.”

Odette: “Really? How?”

Christine: “If you really want to make them yourself, its not hard. You’ll need a whole afternoon and a bit of patience. Here is my recipe…”

Odette: “Recently we blogged about friselle, which though they look like bagels, are a completely different ball game.”

Christine: “Ok, so what are we going to eat this morning?”

photo by cena con enrica

friselle: photo by cena con enrica

Odette: “Well, in the meantime let’s head to Zoo on Strada Maggiore…they do a great job with fresh bagels, different kinds too.”

What did you guys eat for breakfast this morning?

-Bologna, September 13, 2014

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